IDEAS integrated drillbit design platform enables application-specific bit design. This system takes into account every element of the BHA, analyzing how bits perform within operating parameters and well conditions.

Operators are given full, in-depth reports that result in optimized drill bits and less drilling risk. To meet rising demand for application-specific drill bits, higher performance, and greater reliability, the IDEAS integrated drillbit design platform takes a step forward in understanding the rock/cutter interface of a dynamic drilling environment. This design platform takes into account every element of the BHA—drillpipe, MWD and LWD tools, reamers, stabilizers, and rotary steerable systems—resulting in optimized bits and less drilling risk for operators in a matter of hours or days, rather than weeks or months.

Every bit created with this process is considered certified by the IDEAS platform. Each bit undergoes rigorous design evaluation and testing to produce a detailed application analysis of how the bit will perform for a specific drilling program. Operators are given an in-depth analysis of the bit; a description of the drillstring; proposed operating parameters in the formations; and the specific BHA configuration modeled for the well, bit bottomhole pattern, bit center trajectory, weight on bit, and lateral forces and accelerations.

IDEAS design platform has five basic elements that contribute to optimizing bit selection:
  • Comprehensive drilling system analysis - examining the designed bit performance in relation to the entire drillstring and individual BHA components
  • Holistic design process — accounting for every critical variable
  • Application-specific enhancements - continual improvement so that every bit outperforms previous designs when measured against the same parameters and objectives
  • Rapid solutions with reliable results - removing the trial-and-error approach associated with drillbit selection and replacing it with laboratory tests to quantify variables such as cutter forces and rock removal rates
  • Advanced materials integration - employing stronger, more durable materials to work in conjunction with design and simulation capabilities
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