Drilling Bits

Smith Bits continues to lead the industry in drill bit performance. Every year, for the past 13 years, Smith Bits has established more drilling records for both ROP and run length than all other drill bit manufacturers combined.


As the first part of the drillstring to contact the formation, your drill bit is critical. Choosing a bit with poor design or one that is not suited for the rock or drilling parameters could mean extra trips, downtime, or bit damage. Get the right bit for your drilling operation while increasing performance and boosting ROP.


IDEAS ( Integrated Drillbit Design Platform )

IDEAS integrated drillbit design platform enables application-specific bit design. This system takes into account every element of the BHA, analyzing how bits perform within operating parameters and well conditions. Operators are given full, in-depth reports that result in optimized drill bits and less drilling risk.


I-DRILL ( Engineered Drilling System Design)

I-DRILL engineered drilling system design uses predictive modeling to identify solutions that minimize vibrations and stick/slip during drilling operations, and optimize BHA performance for a given environment. Various combinations of drillbit options, drilling assembly components, drillstring designs, surface parameters, component placement, formation characteristics, and overbalance pressures can be examined.


For more info please click to view Smith Bits Product Catalog (3.53 MB PDF) to download the catalogue

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