Logging Cables

Jiangsu Huasheng can Cable Co., Ltd. invested 500 million yuan in early 1999 to build a complete set of wire pull, heat treatment and hot-dip galvanizing production line, starting point of the production line, the critical heat treatment horse fluoride furnace and galvanizing production line CNC computer automatic control, making the whole process of the wire performance, uniformity and stability, product quality has been a reliable guarantee.



In early 2001, the company has invested 4 million yuan to build sets of oil wire rope, galvanized steel production line, forming the production scale of more than 10,000 tons of annual production of steel wire series products. Holds the rope production license issued by the State Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision, the metallurgical product quality certification issued by the National Metal Products Supervision and Inspection Center, and by the American Petroleum Institute API 9A and API Q1 certification, product use by domestic major oil fields, consistent reflect reached domestic leading level.

The main products of the steel wire products:

  • An oil wire rope (Executive the APIs Spec9A standard) wire rope (the GB/T8918-1996 standard)
  • Oil field logging wire
  • Logging cable sheathed with high carbon galvanized steel wire
  • galvanized steel wire
  • galvanized steel wire, ACSR

For more info please click to view The detail specification of cables manufactured and supplied in India (290 KB PDF) to download the catalogue

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